Brass Plugs, Pins and Socket Pin Parts

We manufacture complete range of Brass Pins and Sockets.

Neutral Pins and Sockets, Earth Pins and Sockets, Phase Pins and Sockets


Male & Female Pins  Flat Plug  Pins
Live Pins Industrial Socket Brass Pins
Neutral Pins Knurled Pins
Earth Pins Plug Pins

125 AMP 5 Electrical Pin (3P + N + E) Plugs & Sockets
63 AMP 5 Electrical Pin (3P + N + E) Plugs & Sockets
16 AMP (2P + E) Electrical Plugs & Electrical

Sockets Material:
Free cutting brass 319 type BS 249 type any special brass material composition as per customer’s requirement.

ISO Metric (MM Threads) UNC & UNF Threads Any threads as per custom design.. Length / Size : As per Custom Designs or requirements

Finish And Coating:
Nickel Plated, Tin Plated or any coating as per customer specification.